June 16, 2024
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Top 6 Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites 2024

If you’re looking to generate passive income from cryptocurrencies, cloud mining could be worth exploring. In simple terms, you can help mine cryptocurrencies without needing to spend thousands of dollars on mining equipment and electricity consumption. Instead, you’ll be renting hashing power from a cloud mining provider.

This guide ranks and reviews the 6 best cloud mining sites in 2024. Our methodology covers the most important considerations, such as safety, minimum investment requirements, supported mining coins, fees, and expected yields.

Top Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites

Listed below are the 6  best cloud mining sites for 2024, with a brief description of each service

The Top Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites


Identified as the premier Bitcoin cloud mining platform, this innovative service presents a fresh avenue for earning BTC rewards. The platform extends its reach to encompass agricultural investment, mining, stock, and forex trading, establishing a concept where greater activity leads to increased earnings. Noteworthy features include a consolidated dashboard for streamlined oversight of mining operations and a remarkable achievement of raising over $100k within hours of its launch.


We rank ECOS as one of the best cloud mining sites for 2024. This established cloud mining provider was launched in 2017 and is now used by over 400,000 investors. It supports Bitcoin cloud mining contracts from $500 – durations range from 30-60 months. Payouts are distributed daily. Mining and maintenance fees are displayed when creating your custom contract.


Founded in 2013, Bitdeer is an established cloud mining operation with data centers around the world. This includes North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Bitdeer supports multiple mining coins, including Bitcoin, Filecoin, ZCash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Minimum contract durations start from 30 days, but this varies depending on the mining network.


Hashmart is a popular cloud mining operation that was established in 2018. Based in Cyprus, Hashmart currently offers 12-month Bitcoin mining contracts. Prices start from $52.40 for every 500 Gh.s purchased, which includes maintenance fees. Payouts are made daily. Although Hashmart also supports open-ended Bitcoin contracts, these are currently sold out.


This cloud mining provider has been operational for over a decade. It supports three Bitcoin contract durations; 12, 18, and 24 months. The minimum investment is 1 TH, which is currently priced at $50.30. Discounts are available on larger contract purchases.

6. StormGain:

StormGain is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform that offers leverage products. That said, it’s also developed a cloud mining tool within the platform. You’ll automatically mine Bitcoin depending on how much you trade. There are seven tiers, with VIP3 members earning $235 per day.

Listed below are the 6  best cloud mining sites for 2024, with a brief description of each service


Established in 2020 by a team of professional miners, Aiprofit.us has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading cloud mining platform in 2023. With a global user base exceeding 34,000 spanning across more than 20 countries, the platform is committed to forging a secure and efficient economic system for its users.

Aiprofit.us prides itself on its intuitive interface and well-equipped mining rigs, offering mining hash rates for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other coins. Its user-friendly nature ensures that users worldwide can easily access and utilize the platform. Upon the purchase of a contract, users can immediately commence earning, with the added benefit of being able to withdraw their daily profits instantaneously.

Further enhancing its appeal, the platform boasts robust security measures and a 24/7 live chat support system, dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of its clientele. Beyond crypto mining, Aiprofit.us offers opportunities for investments in various sectors including agriculture, stocks, and forex trading, positioning itself as a global leader in the crypto mining industry.

With its stellar reputation and diverse investment opportunities, Aiprofit.us invites users to confidently engage with their platform and explore the array of available contracts.


ECOS is more than cloud mining. It is the first cryptocurrency investment platform with all digital asset products and tools in one ecosystem.

ECOS is a company you may trust as it is one of the first cloud mining providers operating with legal status. Considered one of the top cloud mining providers, ECOS offers its clients cloud mining services for only one digital currency: Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Currently, the company is offering its services to over 90,000 users from across the entire world.


The company offers a wide variety of mining contracts to users. The minimum price for a mining contract is $149. This contract remains active for a period of twelve to fifty months. Additionally, there are different options available for you that you can use for deposits or withdrawals. These include Credit Cards and cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC.

There are a lot of advantages that you can get while mining with ECOS. One of the advantages of mining with ECOS is that new users will get a one-month free promo contract. Other advantages include daily payments, clear transactions history, modern equipment, and a wide range of contracts.

3. Hashing24

Hashing24 is the most common Bitcoin cryptocurrency platform that provides legal cloud mining services. The organization has been running since 2016, and its research team has been focusing on the demand for cryptocurrencies since 2012.


Hashing24 is officially based in the United Kingdom, Thailand, and Ukraine. In comparison to other platforms, hashing24 provides unlimited contracts for its users to invest in.

On hashing24, there are no fixed contracts. The customers select the hashing power and the method of payments by themselves. They can choose their desired plan depending on the forecast profit. Bitcoin is the only currency that they support in their available cryptocurrencies. The company pays its customers without any delay.


Cloud mining is recently becoming the top trend in crypto and bitcoin. The reason is very simple. Cloud mining makes mining more easy and convenient. By using the cloud, you can avoid the hassle and stress of using hardware at your own pace. In this regard cloud mining is more profitable then the mining you do with your hardware.

Moreover, although cloud mining can have some drawbacks, it does have advantages. It allows cryptocurrency and bitcoin more accessible to the public. Cloud mining has a bright scope in the future but there is an issue about the legitimacy of whether it is legit or not.

Many of the companies offering cloud mining services are scam or they use ineffective business models. By ineffective I mean, if your purchase or hold bitcoins, you either would risk your money or gain less than you should.

We would love to hear how your experience with the cloud was mining. Let us know in the comment section below if you need any help. Read our other review